To facilitate a life of opportunity uninhibited by social prejudice for people with disability

AAMAL helps people with disabilities by purposefully creating a more enabling environment for them to actively and independently participate in all aspects of life. It offers practitioners applied training programs for a range of different disabilities, especially those relating to speech and hearing impediments, and autism. In parallel to its own programmes, AAMAL focuses on strengthening and expanding academic qualifications within Syrian universities in collaboration with international academic institutions. AAMAL also engages in lobbying for legislative and administrative reforms, to better facilitate school and university admissions. In the healthcare sector, AAMAL actively works with practitioners to improve awareness of the benefits of early detection including the application of internationally recognized screening protocols. To date 33,000 people with disabilities have benefited from its services, 198 students have graduated from AAMAL initiated university degrees, and 6,000 practitioners have benefited from AAMAL’s training programmes.

Photo of Aamal