To extend poverty alleviating credit to individuals, in underprivileged communities, intent on climbing the economic ladder

Mashrouie runs innovative microcredit programs that encourage economic growth in disadvantaged areas. It manages a microcredit portfolio to the value of 2 billion Syrian pounds, which is apportioned into 700 funds. Funds issue loans of between 50,000 to 200,000 Syrian pounds to disadvantaged farmers and small business owners who lack the collateral required by conventional banks. Each fund is administered by a village committee, whose members are elected based on their insight into the needs and economic realities of their communities. Empowering villagers with this responsibility has immeasurably boosted the spirit and solidarity of these communities. The success of this approach has also been a driving force in Mashrouie’s ability to extend its program coverage to eight of Syria’s governorates, making it the largest micro-credit program in the country.

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