Economic Enterprise

Many people have the good intentions, the right ideas and the will to make things happen but lack the necessary resources and support to realise their goals. The Trust’s programmes help individuals to capitalise on their self-initiative to ensure that opportunities for income generation are not squandered. Programmes provide support in the form of financing, training and scoping of new opportunities. By boosting the economic prospects of individuals and small businesses, we enable people to take ownership of their livelihoods and influence the outlook of their communities. .

Offering access to financing

Offering access to financing The Trust provides access to microfinance for individuals and small loans for small medium enterprises across all economic sectors. Our microfinance programme affords individuals the opportunity to break the cycle of hereditary poverty and influence their own livelihoods; it provides people with the chance to create viable businesses by tapping into local opportunities, with produce ranging from olives and organic cheese to re-creations of the Damascene Rose. Growing enterprises can also access small loans to propel or sustain their businesses, to the benefit of owners, employees and the wider community. Borrowers are eligible for increasing lines of credit as they successfully meet their repayment commitments so as to encourage responsibility and a more sustainable level of entrepreneurship. Repayments are continuously re-injected into the system to support new borrowing applications.

Delivering vocational training

Our programmes offer individuals with the training necessary to pursue a specific vocation, and the knowledge and skills required to manage a business. Instructors are typically industry-experienced professionals who are able to train individuals to develop the skills necessary to enter their chosen field. Training is hands on and up to date with market requirements; certification and licensing, where applicable, is also awarded.\r\n\r\nIndividuals typically go on to create value and generate income in a variety of different sectors including construction, clothing, and artisanal handicrafts and foods.

Developing new markets

By opening up producers to new possibilities, our programmes ensure that locally produced goods are made available in national and international markets, in many cases for the first time. We work with producers to ensure that existing product lines are market-driven and production methods deliver products more efficiently and to a higher quality.\r\n\r\nAs they reap the benefits and grow more confident, we provide them with expertise on creating new designs, and improving packaging and placement opportunities. Overtime, producers trade know-how and share experiences in ways that provide mutual benefit to each other.