Learning and Life Skills

Syria’s future potential lies within its fountain of youth; realising the power and promise of its young population is integral to positively shaping Syria’s prospects as a nation. At the heart of the Trust’s approach is a belief that providing young people with a capacity for self-directed learning is the best investment any country can make in building a sustainable future. The Trust is actively involved in both the formal and non-formal learning sectors to support young people acquire market relevant knowledge, critical life skills and attitudes, as well as, better schooling experiences. Ultimately, it is about laying the foundations for young people in Syria, to not just explore and fulfil their own potential, but also to care about the wellbeing of others, and see themselves as responsible citizens in a connected world.

Investing in tomorrow’s leaders

The Trust has taken the lead in creating practical, market orientated learning programmes that will equip young Syrians with the skills and real life knowledge needed, to rebuild Syria and reshape its future for the common good. Our commitment is about delivering an extensive range of academic and professional subjects at undergraduate, masters and doctorate levels, many of them completely new to Syria’s higher education. Programmes have been purposely designed to expose students to the realities and challenges they will encounter in Syria and the wider world. We offer scholarships to those from underprivileged backgrounds to ensure that learning remains inclusive of the brightest regardless of circumstance.

Instilling positive attitudes in young citizens

Programmes help children, teenagers and undergraduates learn about themselves and their world, and inspire them to think critically and make a difference. These qualities will help to give them the best start in life and to create a culture of ‎active citizenship and contribution, providing the solid foundation on which Syria can build its future. Integral to our learning activities are people with disabilities and special needs; specialised programmes help them to have a fair chance to learn and contribute. Throughout, the emphasis is on growing the individual, not in isolation and purely for the sake of self, but with the purpose of ‎active contribution as part of a community, a nation and humanity as a whole.

Ensuring no child is left behind

The Trust supports learning inside the classroom by running homework cafes and remedial classes in its network of community centres. Programmes are designed to be flexible and accommodating to the needs of children and parents who need an extra hand with homework; and more structured for those who have been out of school and need to catch up with their peers. Interventions are also made to provide teacher training, and building renovations that create more inspiring learning environments.