50,000 S.P

Contributes to training a person seeking to pursue a profession

100,000 S.P

Contributes to support the learning process in schools by providing the life and behavioral skills for the future generation

300,000 S.P

Contributes to grant a loan to the person who seeks to establish a small project and provide a source of income

1,000,000 S.P

Contributes to providing university scholarships for people of martyr or wounded to follow up on his scientific achievement

5,000,000 S.P

Contributes to install artificial limbs of a wounded soldier to be a capable person

10,000,000 S.P

Contributes to rehearing of a child through the cultivation of a snail

To help communities throw syria trust work and to contribute to make a positive impact in syrians' life you may donate to our bank account :

Account Name Syria Trust for Development
Bank Name Byblos Bank Syria - Mazzeh Branch
Account Number 0262888-018
If you have any questions about donating please contact us at Quick communication Page