25 Mar   2019

Syria Trust and Islamic Bank "you are life" initiative

Syria International Islamic Bank in cooperation with The Syria Trust Development have launched the initiative “You are Life” on Monday 25 March 2019. The initiative aims to support and rehabilitate female breadwinners for their families, by vocationally empowering them through practical workshops in a number of specializations (advanced sewing, soap making, crochet handcraft, female hairdressing, loom work, and running small enterprises).

Mr. Bachar Sit, CEO of Syria International Islamic Bank, stressed in a statement that social development is on the top of the bank’s priorities list and the bank pays considerable attention to its social responsibilities towards the people of the Syrian society in various fields. This development reflects positively on the different components of the Syrian society and on the bank, itself since the bank is an integral part of this society.

Mr. Sit added, “We look very highly on women who are breadwinners for they play both roles of fathers and mothers to secure a decent life to their children. Therefore, it is our duty to provide these women with the support needed in their line of work. We shall not stop at this initiative, there will be more in the future that cater for women in order to empower their participation in building the society of which they are an essential part.”

Fifteen training packages will be presented to outstanding women in different specializations. An exhibition will be organized under the patronage of Syria International Islamic Bank to exhibit the outcomes of the training packages in order to link the trainees effectively with the job market.

The workshops will be held at Barzeh Community Centre under The Syria Trust starting 25 March and last for 45 days in a hall fully equipped with all required teaching aids.

Mr. Ibrahim al-Rayes, Operations Director at The Syria Trust Development in Damascus and Rural Damascus, says that The Syrian Development Trust always strives to support communities; and our main goal is to achieve sustainable access to individuals. All Community Centres strive through their work to monitor the needs of communities in the divers sectors where they operate and the diversity of the surrounding environment. In this spirit and in cooperation with Syria International Islamic Bank vocational courses have been opened to 75 women breadwinners.

Al-Rayes adds, “The Syria Trust Development has a role in providing the training venue, training content, trainers responsible for training. The training varied between advanced sewing, soap making, crochet handcraft, female hairdressing, loom work in addition to recycling. We thank Syria International Islamic Bank for their lead in funding such initiatives in order to achieve a kind of stabilized livelihoods to these ladies.”

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