11 Jun   2019

The Choir of Bab Sharqi Community centre in Belarus “Zubryonok” Camp

With the participation of all the choir bands in the Syrian Arab Republic, the Choir camp in Belarus opened with the melody of “La Terraluna” in Italian and Arabic. It was a message of peace from Syria to the world. Participating from Syria was the choir of Bab Sharqi Community centre, "Holam (Dream)" from Safita, Alwan from Damascus, Urjuan from Tartus, and Maarounah from Rural Damascus .

Each of the five choir bands was granted two parties during this recreational and cultural camp, and the Bab Sharqi choir’s performance was scheduled in the middle of it. At the closing ceremony, a group of folk songs were performed alongside with “Suria Ya Habibati” and a Zumba dance by the choir members, while Belarussian and Russian audiences sang and cheered along with the choirs.

Among the activities of the camp, Choir children made a group of cultural visits to the most prominent citadels in Belarus (Mir Castle Complex & Nesvizh) to learn about their history accompanied with a tourist guide and translators from the Syrian Embassy in Belarus. Besides, the children of the choir visited the National Library in the Belarusian capital, Minsk, to learn about its history, departments and services. In Minsk also, ten children from each choir were invited by the Opera house manager to visit and discover the house.

The children also took a tour to the aquatic center, Dolphinarium, amusement park, circus, and Narach Lake where they had a boating activity. They also visited the countryside of Belarus to learn about culture there, including some rural types of dance and handcrafts; that was in addition to a visit to Tarzan Park, which consists of some adventures in the jungles. These activities were part of the program granted by Belarus to the children to have 14 days of recreation, health care service, and food activities.

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