Opening of the Bab Sharqi Library in cooperation with UNESCO.

28 Nov   2017
28 / 11 / 2017

In collaboration with the UNESCO office in Beirut, the Syria Trust for Development (Trust) opened its first library at the Bab Sharqi Manara (Community Centre) on 24th Nov , in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Syria Trust for Development, Mr Fares Kallas, Assistant Director-General of UNESCO, Mr Qian Tang, and the Regional Director of UNESCO, Dr. Hamed Al-Hammami. The opening was also attended by Assistant Minister of Education, Dr. Farah Al Mutlaq and the Secretary-General of the National Commission for UNESCO, Dr. Nidal Hasan. The visiting delegation conducted a tour of the different sections of the Manara, including the educational, vocational, psycho-social and community support. The Trust considers the Bab Sharqi Library to be a model for the positive outcomes that stronger partnerships between development organisations can yield. Providing Syrian youth with free access to books, information and ideas is the way to empower them as the future leaders of tomorrow. The library contains a wide-ranging selection of books including literature, cultural, science and languages, and was designed to be a safe and comfortable space where young people can come together as peers and positively interact with each other. The library is also accompanied by a new computer lab to provide visitors with access to information and assist in their academic and professional development. The Trust looks to build on this positive example in other areas around the country.

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