Our Organisation

10 Ways of Working

We strongly believe that how we work is as important as what we do. The ways of working have been purposely defined to ensure that our work is carried out with the awareness and dedication required to meet our development goals;

they represent 10 actions that are central to realising the Trust’s mission. By taking ownership of how we work, we can ensure that as little is left to chance as possible. Together, the Guiding Principles, Ways of Working, and Code of Conduct represent the organisational culture we strive for at the Syria Trust for Development.


in young people

We are dedicated to engaging young people and inspiring them to take development action in their communities. We support them to fulfil their role as leaders, volunteers, staff and supporters, knowing that they are critical to the social change that Syria is witnessing.


community action

We support communities to create their own solutions in order to achieve sustainable long-term change and stronger social connections.



We are committed to promoting a culture of active involvement in society and to positioning the Trust as the preferred choice of people seeking to volunteer. We consciously deliver a volunteering experience that is as much about personal growth as it is about collective benefit.


with partners

We cultivate strategic partnerships with national and international non-governmental organisations, businesses and government to ensure our programmes are more effective, far-reaching and economical.



We use our experience on the ground to drive our advocacy of the social causes that affect the individuals and communities we support. By raising awareness and engaging policy makers, we can ensure that development challenges are resolved nationally and for all.


on evidence

We apply rigorous analysis of available research, knowledge and experience, including programme monitoring and evaluation data, to inform organisational practices and to deliver well planned and continuously improved programmes and services.


the needs of all

Need drives our development work; in all our encounters, we prioritise our efforts towards the most disadvantaged regardless of social background, ethnicity, geography or beliefs. We also promote gender equality in our engagement with individuals, families and communities. Anything else would be a betrayal of our trust.


to environmental sustainability

We recognise that environmental factors have an impact on the development and progress of communities. We seek to minimise our environmental footprint and ensure that our actions contribute to environmental sustainability.


to rigorous self-scrutiny

We ask questions of ourselves before they are asked of us. We are each responsible for the results we deliver, the resources we manage, and the encounters we pursue. Our reputation as an organisation is the outcome of our individual behaviours; every positive deed can enhance, in the same way that every negative one can devalue.



Each of us has something important to say, information to circulate or results to share. When we do this well, progress is enhanced not stifled; our work is energised by momentum. As an organisation, we have a responsibility to keep our stakeholders well informed; when we fall short, our standing is undermined even if our performance is to standard.